About Us

At Peachtree Jewellery we create gorgeous, colourful teething necklaces and fashion jewellery, perfect for an active lifestyle and free from chemical nasties.  Peachtree is a Singapore owned label run by Founder, Clare Nyman.  Since becoming a mum, Clare was determined to find a child-friendly jewellery option that would stand up to the tests of family life.

With the envious tropical and active lifestyle of Singapore in mind, Peachtree presents a wonderful alternative in jewellery that is stunning in colour, style and texture with the ingenuity of wash-and-wear durability.  Our collection of necklaces and bangles is feminine and perfectly practical in every way.  All our jewels are:

* Made using 100% non-toxic food grade silicone

* BPA free, phthalate free, lead free, PVC free, latex free

* Knotted between each bead with a breakaway safety clasp for added security

* European CE mark & safety standards approved

* Gentle on little gums and emerging teeth – ideal as teething/nursing beads

* Waterproof

* Dishwasher safe up to 65°C

* Heat resistant


Who loves Peachtree?

Mums, girls, teenagers, babysitters, caregivers, sporty women, corporate women – the list is endless, from teething babies right through to grandmas!

Mums adore our jewellery because it’s 100% non-toxic, super durable, waterproof and beautifully feminine.

During the warmer months things can get sweaty, so there’s nothing better than knowing that you can rinse off your jewels at the end of the day and they’ll be as good as new.

No more hiding your necklace under your towel at the pool, beach or waterpark either, our jewellery is resistant to the elements so you can keep it on and stay looking glamorous.

Mums with small babies love allowing bub to tug and chew to their heart’s content.  Our jewellery is gorgeously textured and an immediate hit with teething babies as their little teeth come in.  Our specially designed longer length necklaces allow bub to sit on mum’s lap and explore, making them the perfect teether on the go, wherever your busy day takes you.

The bright colours and soft-feel texture also make our necklaces fabulous as nursing beads to keep baby focussed while feeding.  Our necklaces are knotted between each bead and use a breakaway clasp for additional safety, giving additional comfort around small children.

Silicone doesn’t absorb odours or support the growth of bacteria, mould or fungus so sporty women can confidently add style to a gym or sporting outfit with our jewellery.  A quick clean after each workout with warm soapy water will leave it sparkling new.

Corporate women love our bangles.  They’re sophisticated, light weight, beautifully comfortable and won’t bang on the office desk.

Little ones are catered for too with our mini pearl range for 3+ year olds.  We have a rainbow of colours to choose from so Little Miss Peach can show off her favourite colours.   We bet you’ll be begging to borrow her jewellery!

NOTE – the Little Miss Peach range is strictly for 3+ years.